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Herzeleid Demos by Rammstein


Album Info

Release Date: 2014

Label: Sentinel Records

A1 Jeder Lacht - Everyone's Laughing - original, some of its lyrics were reused in "Adios". This track appeared only on Rammstein's much rarer 8-track demo tape
A2 Der Riecher - The Smeller - "Du Riechst So Gut" demo
A3 Hallo Hallo (Version 1) - Hello, Hello - "Das Alte Leid" demo 1. This demo appeared on Rammstein's demo tapes and a various artists promo CD titled "New Industries"
A4 Rammstein - "Rammstein" demo. One version appeared on all of the 1994 demo tapes - 4-track, 6-track and 8-track
A5 Schwarzes Glas - Black Glass - original track - preversion from "Weißes Fleisch". Guitar riff also used in "Der Meister"
Total 19:09

B1 Seemann - Seaman - "Seemann" demo. It is longer than the final version and includes a verse section with whistling for vocals
B2 Feuerräder - Wheels Of Fire - 1994 original live demo, with the instruments directly recorded and remixed. This makes it sound like a studio demo
B3 Wilder Wein - Wild Wine - original. This demo was officially released and is indeed a live demo, recorded directly from the band's equipment thus cancelling out any audience noise and other disturbances
B4 Der Meister (Extended Promo Version)
Total 20:55

"Special limited edition of 490 numbered copies in black vinyl"

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