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TV Terror: Felching A Dead Horse by Various

Tracks In This Album

Collide Felix The Wonderful Cat free listening
Felix The Wonderful Cat - Collide
Numb Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (Won't You Be My Neighbor?) free listening
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (Won't You Be My Neighbor?) - Numb
Pain Station, Alien Faktor Laverne & Shirley (Making Our Dreams Come True) free listening
Laverne & Shirley (Making Our Dreams Come True) - Pain Station, Alien Faktor
Institute Of Technology Mary Tyler Moore free listening
Mary Tyler Moore - Institute Of Technology
Christ Analogue Happy Days free listening
Happy Days - Christ Analogue
16 Volt Love Boat free listening
Love Boat - 16 Volt
29 Died Addams Family free listening
Addams Family - 29 Died
The Electric Hellfire Club Charles In Charge free listening
Charles In Charge - The Electric Hellfire Club
Kevorkian Death Cycle One Day At A Time free listening
One Day At A Time - Kevorkian Death Cycle
Battery X Files free listening
X Files - Battery
Hate Dept. Facts Of Life free listening
Facts Of Life - Hate Dept.
Society Burning Magnum P.I. free listening
Magnum P.I. - Society Burning
Terminal 46 Three's Company free listening
Three's Company - Terminal 46
Oneiroid Psychosis Dark Shadows free listening
Dark Shadows - Oneiroid Psychosis
Idiot Stare, Blayne Alexander Brady Bunch free listening
Brady Bunch - Idiot Stare, Blayne Alexander
Pinchpoint Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys) free listening
Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys) - Pinchpoint
Apolitiq WKRP In Cincinnati free listening
WKRP In Cincinnati - Apolitiq
Sweat Engine Speed Racer free listening
Speed Racer - Sweat Engine
Liquid Sex Decay Twin Peaks free listening
Twin Peaks - Liquid Sex Decay
cut.rate.box The Jeffersons (Movin On Up) free listening
The Jeffersons (Movin On Up) - cut.rate.box
Loretta's Doll Scooby Doo free listening
Scooby Doo - Loretta's Doll
Kill Switch...Klick Welcome Back Kotter (Welcome Back) free listening
Welcome Back Kotter (Welcome Back) - Kill Switch...Klick
Alien Sex Fiend Batman free listening
Batman - Alien Sex Fiend
haloblack Fat Albert free listening
Fat Albert - haloblack
Stone 588 Creature Feature (Experiment In Terror) free listening
Creature Feature (Experiment In Terror) - Stone 588
Ikon Ballad Of Gilligan's Island free listening
Ballad Of Gilligan's Island - Ikon
Ex-Voto Baretta (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow) free listening
Baretta (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow) - Ex-Voto
Lick Star Trek free listening
Star Trek - Lick
Wreckage Spiderman free listening
Spiderman - Wreckage
Coin Of The Realm Outer Limits free listening
Outer Limits - Coin Of The Realm
Triple Point Dynasty free listening
Dynasty - Triple Point
Dystopia One Knight Rider free listening
Knight Rider - Dystopia One
The Thessalonian Dope Gods And Then There's Maude free listening
And Then There's Maude - The Thessalonian Dope Gods
Sullen Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman free listening
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman - Sullen
My Glass Beside Yours Muppet Show free listening
Muppet Show - My Glass Beside Yours
Sofia Run Josie & The Pussycats free listening
Josie & The Pussycats - Sofia Run

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