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 - Promotional Sampler Free

Promotional Sampler


Release Date: 2006

Labels: Hobby Industries, Jenka Music, Rump Recordings, Ljud Records, Rumraket, Kontur

© 2006 - RKRLHJ001.
Made in Denmark 2006.
Subtitle on front cover: "This is a free introduction to music released by 6 Danish record labels".
Free sampler released in connection with the Roskilde Festival 2006.
Comes in cardboard sleeve.

Track 1 original version taken from "Welcome".
Track 2 from the coming album due Fall 2006.
Track 3 new album "Idhax" due Fall 2006.
Track 4 from the EP "Dim.Suffix".
Track 5 from the EP "Opus 1".
Track 6 from the EP "Abstrakt".
Track 7 from the album "Human Is Music".
Track 8 from the album "Horn Of Plenty"..
Track 9 from the coming album due Fall 2006.
Track 10 from the 7" "Snöleoparden ljud003".
Track 11 from the 7" "Dat Politics ljud004".
Track 12 from the 7" "Per Hoier ljud002".
Track 13 from the album "Bryter Tystnaden".
Track 14 from the album "Notwithstanding".
Track 15 from the album "2nd".
Track 16 from the album "Udefra".
Track 17 from the coming album "Anish Music".
Track 18 from "Jeg Fyrer Hit Efter Hit Af!".

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Tracks In This Album

Acustic, Rumpistol T.P.Ø. (Rumpistol Remix) free listening
T.P.Ø. (Rumpistol Remix) - Acustic, Rumpistol
Badun Hyben V.1 free listening
Hyben V.1 - Badun
Karsten Pflum Computer Weekend free listening
Computer Weekend - Karsten Pflum
Jonas Olesen, IR Ro free listening
Ro - Jonas Olesen, IR
Txture, Jakob Weigand Goetz Opus1 #3 free listening
Opus1 #3 - Txture, Jakob Weigand Goetz
Rune Søchting Abstrakt (Excerpt) free listening
Abstrakt (Excerpt) - Rune Søchting
Cacoy Piracle Pa free listening
Piracle Pa - Cacoy
Efterklang, Grizzly Bear Campfire (Efterklang Version) free listening
Campfire (Efterklang Version) - Efterklang, Grizzly Bear
Erik Levander Sekund free listening
Sekund - Erik Levander
Snöleoparden Xylofon free listening
Xylofon - Snöleoparden
Dat Politics Roll free listening
Roll - Dat Politics
Per Høier I Start Counting free listening
I Start Counting - Per Høier
Spinform Hjertats Mysterion free listening
Hjertats Mysterion - Spinform
Bichi Parallax free listening
Parallax - Bichi
Opto 11.33 A.M. free listening
11.33 A.M. - Opto
Sofus Forsberg No Beat free listening
No Beat - Sofus Forsberg
Band Ane Wood Delivery free listening
Wood Delivery - Band Ane
Je M'Appelle Mads, Bounty Niller Hvis Du Vil Ha Et Hit free listening
Hvis Du Vil Ha Et Hit - Je M'Appelle Mads, Bounty Niller