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Lifelike started name-wise as Lowlife, but there already existed a hip hop label with that name and they had bigger mates, so I changed it to Life, but found there was one of them as well so with the new company formation in 2000 it became Lifelike, and if it exists already, I don't want to know. UK label run by Matthew Herbert. The label began in 1998 as Lowlife, then changed its name to Life before settling down as Lifelike in 2000 for the release of Doctor Rockit's 'Indoor Fireworks'. The label was eventually incorporated into Accidental and released its final single, Mugison's 'Sea Y', in 2003.

The label(s) aimed to seduce people into listening to something out of the ordinary. Each 12" single had two club-friendly tracks at 33rpm on the outside and two more 'musical' pieces at 45rpm on the inside. As Lifelike, the label became focused on artists combining electronic recording techniques with traditional instruments. It grew from simply being a home to Doctor Rockit to also releasing music by John Matthias, Mugison and Transformer.