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Mole Listening Pearls

German label
Label Code: LC 6082 / LC 06082
Mole (*) is a label which embraces music that cannot be tacked with a stereotype label or forced into a determinated category: listening pearls that means valuable titles with special qualities, taken from the progressive listening-culture of the '90ies (from house to hip-hop & ambient to jungle & jazz to trip-hop). Mole-music might not be fit for the palate of just anyone, but it isn't meant for a restricted group of music-lovers only! All in all it's the ideal music for spreading good vibes among a broad audience and surrounding the listeners with just the nicest feelings - science fiction jazz and phuture music of the third kind!

(*) the somewhat unusual term mole roots from W. Gibson's trilogy of novels "Neuromancer" and stands for a special kind of computer-virus. This virus represents the first generation of invasion programmes - the so-called ice-breaker - which enables the cyberpunks to hack any other program (ice-breaker: ICE = intrusion counterattack equipment). Accordingly Mole-music is meant to break up and thaw the rigid and frozen structures of human thoughts. It is, so to say, music for tolerant ways of thought and serene, laid-back calmness.

Mole Listening Pearls was part of UCMG Germany works between 1996 & 2003.
In 2003 Mole was a label of Mole Music. From 2004 till October 2017, Mole Listening Pearls was with the new A&R Minus 8 part of Daredo Music label group. Since November 2017, Mole Listening Pearls belongs to UCM.One.
Mole Listening Pearls / UCM.ONE GmbH
Pappelallee 27
10437 Berlin
E-Mail: contact@mole.de