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Attack Records

Main french Emmanuel Top record company, founded around 1992-1993, still active today.

Attack Records has several divisions, as Experiment (2) Records (93-94), Satellite Records (1997), triangle Records and Triangle Records (18) (1995-2001), Electret Records (1998-2002), Ô Records (2001) and FoKalm Records (late 2016...)

Attack Records has several publishing branches, as Top Editions (1993 to 1994), Emmanuel Top Editions / Emmanuel Top Editions Sarl (1993 to 1998), Drugstore Music Publishing (1998 to 2010), and, Emmanuel Top Publishing, Triangle Records Ltd. or Emmanuel Top Records are credited sometimes on compilations (As seen on late 2010 numeric reissues and FoKalm Records 2016-2017 productions, Emmanuel Top is actually directly credited as a label on the releases).

Attack Records was using two recording studios during its story, Le Studio Des Ondes (as credited on Attack Records 1993 releases) and ET Studio ('Emmanuel Top Studio', as credited on 2016 FoKalm releases).

Main artists from the labels are Emmanuel Top, Jean-François Top, Bruno Sanchioni, Daniel Herman, Paul Youx, Fred Hush,... producing together under several names, as B.B.E. (the main one), in example.