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Subtitled Records

(From the Subtitled website): Music is our spiritual guide through life. Subtitled: After nearly three years incubating in the recesses of our minds, the Guidance family is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new label, Subtitled Records. Born out of our love for underground film and film soundtrack culture, Subtitled is a home for soundtracks to movies that don't exist yet. It is a protest against pop culture's insistence upon branding every piece of music and conveniently filing it into a sub-genre, subphylum, or subculture just to make a buck. So, before the clerks and critics beat us to it, we hereby proclaim that all Subtitled sounds are to be filed under Dub Noir. Dub Noir being any kind of music that evokes images, thoughts, emotions or associations with scenes from movies. We're talking high speed car chases, break dancing, alien abductions, kung fu fighting, graffiti writing, love making, drug taking, drag queen impersonations, Caribbean vacations, covert operations, hijackings, bank robberies, espionage, prostitutes being chased by pimps, pimps being chased by prostitutes, cigarettes embossed on the lips of French girls with sexy hips, fists of fury or brothers leaving the crime scene in a hurry. You know the score! Think futuristic virtual kung fu lounge music with a sci-fi sound clash appeal and you get the idea. We are now looking for sonic soldiers to join the cinematic struggle, so if you are a kindred spirit of Giorgio Moroder please send us your soundtracks and we'll make that movie later. Or, if you happen to have a film to go with your soundtrack, send that too! Burn Hollywood burn!